Beauty tips and tricks to stay on top in video conferencing

Hi dolls

A videoconference meeting is scheduled with your boss and all your colleagues in 20 minutes, but you’re still in your pajamas and your hair goes all over the place? Don’t panic! There are simple and quick beauty tips to prepare in no time and make a good impression on-screen. If this period of confinement has given way to natural (for the happiness of our skin and hair), it is possible to create the illusion of an “improved natural” with gestures of care, makeup techniques and express hairstyles before your professional meetings. How to use it!

Looking fitter
For starters, it’s interesting to wake up your facial skin by having him do some exercises. Like the body, facial muscles also need to work to be fit! After applying your serum or day cream, practice a few facial movements for 5 minutes. With one hand on either side of the face, with your fingertips, make upward movements, always starting from the center, with slight pressure. If you have a jade roll, place it in the refrigerator a few minutes before using it, then slide it from the middle of the face upwards. These movements help boost blood circulation and bring the “glow” to the surface of the skin.

Waking up his gaze
It is also advisable to practice facial massage around the eyes to refresh your eyes. If you have an eye contour treatment with a massage tip or jade roller, place it in the fridge upstream: the cool side helps to decongest the area and stimulate micro-circulation. Apply your care, then massage with the accessory (or failing that, with your fingertips) starting under the inner corner of the eye and going up to the temples. In addition to having an immediate boost effect, this technique can reduce dark circles and pockets in the long term. As a last resort, place two metal spoons in the fridge the day before, which you will put on your eyes in the morning for 5 minutes.

Looking good
Once your skin is warmed and stimulated, it’s time to erase the traces of fatigue or stress accumulated on the face with makeup. With a concealer (the shade should be a tone below your usual foundation), start by hiding your dark circles and pockets under your eyes. Choose a product loaded with mother-of-pearl and blurring particles that will give a “Photoshop” effect. If necessary, locally, camouflage the small imperfections and irregularities that bother you. Then apply a BB cream or slightly tinted treatment to unify the complexion without suffocating the skin. Finally, a few touches of pink blush on the cheekbones will give an extra sparkle.

Getting your hair done quickly
No way to appear on camera with sticky hair or in battle! After brushing and untangling your hair, see if it looks neglected on camera. A simple high hairstyle or a hair accessory (pinch, brooch, bar, headband …) can be enough to give them a little look. If they’re worth a fresh kick, don’t hesitate to spray a dry shampoo spray on your roots or fringe to avoid the “fat hair” effect. If your last shampoo is four days old or you are testing the sebum cure, it is best to opt for an attached and plated hairstyle, such as a bun, a tight braid or a low ponytail.

Boost your self-confidence with make-up

This last step is not necessarily necessary: no one will check if your eyeliner is perfectly successful or if your contouring is flawless! On the other hand, some makeup tricks can help you be more comfortable in front of the camera and have confidence when you speak and all eyes are on you. To open your eyes and look less tired, opt for light layers of elongating or curling mascara. Another option for a more nude look: apply an iridescent eyeshadow close to the color of your skin in the inner corner of the eye to brighten your eyes. To enhance your complexion, apply a few touches of illuminating powder to the bulging areas (apples, nose stop, chin and eyebrow arch) or sun powder (under the cheekbones and on the contours of the face). Finally, a lip balm tinged with peach or pink color will moisturize your lips, while accentuating the good-looking effect.

Things to do in quarantine

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How are you doing? I know it’s been ages that I didn’t write anything but here I am. I just want to say that I’m so sorry about being absent for a long time.

Many of us now enter the second or third week in or face a period of quarantine or isolation because of the risk of coronavirus or infection. At best, staying away from loved ones, peers and colleagues would be a challenge but adding the specter of a life-threatening infection to mixing that to a high-stress experience.

Those who have experienced quarantine or isolation speak of a series of burdens that wreak havoc on the sense of well-being. Limiting natural social contact, stopping a daily routine and experiencing a lack of control over one’s life can be debilitating and exhausting.

Here are some ideas to continue the spirit of discovery, curiosity, and pleasure of the traveler in new limits at home.

-Catch up with your favorite series and start new ones:

Catch the latest episodes of his favorite series you may have missed, or re-watch your favorite shows

-Read a novel, book or start a new literary saga

This period of confinement, planned for a fortnight, is an opportunity to reread books that we love.

-Doyoga and/or sports:

It’s time to get started. It’s time to get into good habits. We might as well take advantage of this exceptional period to come back transformed.

-Learn a new language, do a creative activity (drawing, painting, writing), Learn a new skill:

Do you complain about never having time? If you have it now you will finally be able to do what you have always dreamed of doing.

-Doing a great spring cleaning:

This great marathon of sorting, washing, and storage is essential for your well-being in your home, The big cleaning often resonates with a new beginning.


Cooking, kids love it! Get your hands dirty and help you… a fun and fun activity to share.

-Get a little cocooning session

Take the time to take care of yourself. Homemade masks, pedicure, hair oil baths. You wanted to try new care routines but you dropped the idea because of the lack of time in the morning, it’s time to see if it’s really effective.

-Make revision sheets for your end-of-year exams:

Remember, although they are long and tedious to complete, they will save you valuable time during your revisions and relieve you of a little stress.



Hello Dolls!

I had the opportunity to discover Infuz When I was In France.

I was in a supermarket looking around for something to bring with me and  The Infuz tea got my eyes so I Choose two from ten.

INFUZ is a fairly recent brand, since it was created in March 2016 by the Vitarmonyl laboratories located in Vendée.


I choose the Digest and Minceur:


  • The Digest Infuz :



It’s fusion between Tea, chamomile,pineapple and rooibos.

As I addict of tea especially the perfumed teas I didn’t like this One maybe because of the chamomile and also because I tried it once, but for sure I will give it another chance and try it.

  • The minceur Infuz:


A deliciously perfumed infusion thanks to the combination of guarana, strawberry and rhubarb. A sweet mix to take care of its line with pleasure.

I like this one because of the mixture.





All in a nice metal box that contains 100 g of tea. I love the design of the boxes. All boxes are decorated with geometric patterns in black and white that attract the eye and spot them quickly. They also feature a colored lid to recognize each infusion.

In addition to having a wide choice and a very cute packaging, the brand also has good ideas to recycle and reuse its pretty boxes. Once your box is complete, go to the INFUZ website and print labels that will give you a second life to them. Pretty cool as an idea! In addition, the site offers some ideas for reuse. And yet one small thing, you can also customize your label to offer a unique gift. An original way to please those who are a fan of tea!



Aliexpress Haul

Hello Dolls !

I saw a lot of people ordering from Aliexpress then I decide to do the same thing. Aliexpress it’s a website that maintain chiness sellers it’s like an ebay they sell clothes, electronics, and jewerly…..

I do like a lot of things for cheap prices and I didn’t want to command clothes ’cause i know the struggle of sizes  so I choose to order only

Let’s took a look about what i got:

You can find the seller on the nameof each item


Well, honestly when i saw them on the picture i tought that I would love them but when they arrived i didn’t like them  especially the details on the side they look cheaper.



Those are my favourite I wear them whenever I go out I just love them .



I chose this watch for the sentence written on it .










I got Another rings but they were in a bad condition .

I recommand Aliexpress, You just have to look well  for what you need .


Cupcake or Cake



12166509_1679461882312177_1009705674_nAll You will need:
2 eggs
1 glass of milk
1 glass of oil
1 glass of sugar ( add as many you want)
2 sachet of vanilla sugar (15g)
2 sachet of baking powder (15g)
2 glass of flour (250 g)

Preheat the oven to 180C.This recips make around 24 cupcake. You’ll need to line two muffin/cupcake pans with cupcake cases. I choose simple and white ones.
In electric mixer put your eggs, milk, oil, sugar and vanilla sugar and mix them togheter.
After the put it in a bowl and add slowly some flour and baking powder and beat all the ingredient.
Pour the batter into the prepared muffin cups.

I Used chocolat inside the muffin cup.


12166269_1679462845645414_1732420362_n 12170509_1679462205645478_763898777_n

If you try them at home please tell me what do you think . And sorry for the bad quality of pictures I will do my best next time .



OOTD inspiration For Eid

Hi Dolls

After a month of Ramdhan it’s time for Eid YAyy !

It’s a Collab with my Friend Salma.E go check her website touchofalmas.

So I want  to take a picture of my own Outfit but I would like to take them the day of Eid !

here is some inspiration

  • For Hijabi



  • For Non-Hijabi



  • For Traditionnal



Mabroook Eid everyone 😀


Knoc Knoc there is anybody here ? haha

It’s been a long while that i didn’t post anything don’t be panic I’m here Now .

As you know we’re in first day in ramadan And ramdhan is the ninth month of the islamic Month .
Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the Five pillars of islam .

The month is spent by muslim fasting during daylight hours from dawn to sunset .

So ramadan Is known  by two event ftour and shur and delicious sweet and fatty dishes that we can’t say no when it comes time to eat.

And We need to stop eating too much at break the fast with lots of fatty and sugary foods can cause gastrointestinal stress .

Shhur : it’s the breakfast and it’s around 02:30 Am . And you can’t stand and make food it’s too lazy , most people prepared food the day before .

You should eat healthy and a little sweet because it’s the most important meal it is through him that we will take all day.

Iftar (breaking the fast) : many people eat traditionally for ftour like (baghrir hrira Selou chbakia …) and don’t forget the milk and dates . 😀

I think this meal must be mild and lightweight .

Dinner : After waiting 2 hours it’s time for dinner  and you can eat whatever you want .

It’s will be preferred to eat white meat , eggs and vegetables ….

You need to :

  1. Take time to eat.
  2. sleep well.
  3. drink a lot of water.
  4. Eat healthy.

2112156641 ramadan-mubarak-images

I wish this Ramadan, you are gifted with blessings of Allah and many treasured moments of joy! Ramadan Mubarak!

if you wantsome ideas on what to eat during Ramadan, feel free to ask me 😀

Back to School: OOTW !

Hello there !

This week I choose to write about a Back to school ” Outfits of the week” .

I’ve started school this week on Thursday 15th September, my week was a little bit horrible because I used to wake up at 13h
haha but this Week but this time I Woke up at 7h.

My Monday Outfit :


Top: ???

Jean: H&M

Shoes: Converse

Bag: New Yorker



Tuesday Outfit :


Top: La redoute

Jean : Kiabi

Shoes : Bershka

Jacket : ???

Bag : H&M



Wednesday outfit : I went for the Monday’s outfit I was too lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(((

Thursday Outfit :


Jacket :  

Top : ???

Jean : Kiabi

Shoes : Converse

BackPack : Eastpak



Friday Outfit :


Sweater : H&M

Jean : H&M

Shoes : ???

Bag : ???


 So tell me in the comment wich outfit is your favorite 🙂

Like the Post if you want what is my school bag Or Fall outifit Idea Ah ??

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Hend 😀

Discover Nice

Salem Ladies !

If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook , you know that i was on vacation in France Specically in Cote d’Azur (Nice,Cannes,Monaco) And Paris . I want to say sorry for abandoned my blog for a while , So be HAPPY I’m here Now and i was confused i didn’t have any inspiration for write a post .

Let’s begin :


So First take a look on this beautifull view on the Beach 😀





Look at those Begging they are very Class ahaha

20130819_175535 IMG_0435


This is Place Massena

It’s a place where you can do demonstrations or short performances all what you want I have some videos that i shoot dancers if you want to see them let me know .

IMG_0409  IMG_0408  IMG_0401

DSCI0149  DSCI0150

And when I went there i saw Gaza Street Protest

DSCI0112 DSCI0113

Sorry I didn’t take a lot of picture 😦

Finally here’s some picture of anything :

20130820_104844 DSCI0090

DSCI0117 g IMG_0686 IMG_0687 DSCI0143


Pity that I came on August 22 I was invited to the wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie In French Reviera HAha i’m just KIdiing , Congratulation to the Amazing Couple

This is My first time writing a post like this I don’t Know if you will like it or No .

By the way i’ll be doing a Haul or Back to School outfit idea Tell me wich one sould I write .

And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook .


Hend 🙂




TMI tag


Hello ladies

Draging on Blogs I came upon A tag (Too much information) so I say why Not try ?

So let’s Get started :

1: What are you wearing?

My Pyjamas. 

2: Ever been in love? 

Not yet .

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?

For a breakup we need a relationship.

4: How tall are you?


5: How much do you weigh?

75kg. 😦 😦 😦

6: Any tattoos?

No. It’s haram.

7: Any piercings? 

I have my ears pierced.

8: OTP?

Ezra and Aria.

Caleb and Hanna.

Blair et Chuck.

9: Favourite Show?

Pretty little liars.

Teen Wolf.


10: Favorite bands? 

One Direction.

11: Something you miss?

Summer and I have a list for this ……..

12: Favorite song? 

Wiggle By Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg.

13: How old are you?

17 .

14: Zodiac sign?


15: Quality you look for in a partner?

Humor, romantic ….

16: Favorite Quote?

Follow your dreams.

17: Favorite actor?

Alex Pettyfer.

18: Favorite color?


19: Loud music or soft?

I like both Depends on my mood.

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?

My Room.

21: How long does it take you to shower?


22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?


23: Ever been in a physical fight?


24: Turn on?

Fashion , beauty, music …

25: Turn off?


26: The reason I joined WordPress?

 sharing my passion and meet new people 

27: Fears? 

 Being rejected.

28: Last thing that made you cry?

A movie.

29: Last time you said you loved someone?

Yerstaday to friend.

30: Meaning behind your WordPress Name?

My name Is Hind and I switch I with E.

And Walter its a american Last Name.

31: Last book you read?

La boite a Merveilles. 

32: The book you’re currently reading?

I don’ have.

33: Last show you watched?

Pretty Little Liars.

34: Last person you talked to? 

My brother.

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?


36: Favorite food? 


37: Place you want to visit?


38: Last place you were? 

friend house.

39: Do you have a crush?

yeap .

40: Last time you kissed someone?


41: Last time you were insulted?


42: Favourite flavour of sweet?


43: What instruments do you play?


44: Favourite piece of jewellery? 


45: Last sport you played?

Squat . It’s that count ??

46: Last song you sang?

Marry me By Jason Derulo.

47: Favourite chat up line?


48: Have you ever used it?


49: Last time you hung out with anyone?

This afternoon.

50: Who should answer these questions next?

everyone who read this tag .

If you do it, put me a link to your blog so that I could take a quick look .